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Sansa Stark Meme - [2/3] relationships ♣ Arya Stark

She remembered a summer’s snow in Winterfell when Arya and Bran had ambushed her as she emerged from the keep one morning. They’d each had a dozen snowballs to hand, and she’d had none. Bran had been perched on the roof of the covered bridge, out of reach, but Sansa had chased Arya through the stables and around the kitchen until both of them were breathless. She might even have caught her, but she’d slipped on some ice. Her sister came back to see if she was hurt. When she said she wasn’t, Arya hit her in the face with another snowball, but Sansa grabbed her leg and pulled her down and was rubbing snow in her hair when Jory came along and pulled them apart, laughing.

make me choose -  asked:robb/sansa or arya/sansa

sansa stark meme → eight relationships: sansa & arya

She remembered what Yoren had said, the day he had hacked off her hair. This lot, half o’ them would turn you over to the queen quick as spit for a pardon and maybe a few silvers. The other half’d do the same, only they’d rape you first. Only Gendry was different.

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Ah thanks! X And yeah I mean I’m pretty chill over Klayley, I can totally get why people ship them and I can't wait for this weeks episode of TO. We get baby!mikealsons! :) Al, I'm curious about what you think of klayley baby? As most people seem to hate this :(
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Honestly? I think that baby is the best thing ever happened to Klaus. Not because of Hayley or Klayley. Just for Klaus. I was so happy. The baby will belong to him (and Hayley of course) but he’ll be everything he never had: a father. And the only idea , moves me. I will love every single moment with the baby, and I already love every scene of Klaus when he talked about the baby.

I know many people hate it. I don’t know why, But I will die the day the baby will born. Too much happiness <3 I know Klaus was supposed to be a villain but I just look at his past and I feel he never had an unconditional love, that kind of love who makes you better, being important for somebody, being the first choice, being the reason why somebody is happy.

The baby could be all of this. It will be a long journey and he will do mistakes I know, he is scared this is a first time and he can’t control it, but it will be amazing. He will love the baby more than everything in this world.

Oh…. I wish I could have that episode already!!! <3 I’m totally a fan of Baby Mikaelson <3

Same! x Every time he mentions her I get sooo happy. I feel like she’s the best thing for Klaus, well for all of the Mikaelsons really! But mostly Klaus as he’s always felt left out from the rest. Anyway, Baby Mikaelson will be the most loved little girl ever! :)

Davina and Josh in “The Casket Girls.”

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Klaroline kissing! Better quality :D

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KC ~ 5x11

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"Hello, Caroline."

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